Established in 1986, Garrett’s Medical Supply, Inc., provides the knowledge and experience to help you select the best supplies or medical uniforms for your needs. Our owner, Jeannine Russell, has over 25 years of experience.

We take pride in offering superior customer service. Our expert staff, unmatched selection, and reasonable prices have helped Garrett’s Medical Supply earn our reputation for convenience, quality, and value.

Here at Garrett’s Medical Supply, Inc., we are a private, for profit Corporation with over 2.5 decades of healthcare industry related experience among management and staff.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality home healthcare equipment, supplies, services, and uniforms to all our clients. The client’s rights, responsibilities, dignity, and confidentiality are of the highest priority in the delivery and follow-up process. Garrett’s Medical Supply will constantly provide our staff with updates in the latest home healthcare technology to ensure our clients receive the best possible care.

We recognize the importance of family and cultural beliefs of those that we serve. We promise to utilize our resources including our skills, our abilities, and our time preserving and developing as well as committing them into useful areas of our community.


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